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A simple ticket tracking system built to get things done.

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Welcome to Millwright.

There are almost as many ticket tracking systems floating around the Internet as there are pictures of cats. I didn't find one that really met the criteria that I was looking for, though. I wanted something that was simple and lightweight, but that didn't cost a million bucks or require tons of weird setup. Since the tracking systems I could find weren't meeting my criteria I decided to make my own.


Millwright is built using node.js, Express, Mongoose and MongoDB, and the templating engine Jade.


Millwright's main page is where the majority of work will be done. Main page as of 4/24/2014


To install the latest build of Millwright, ensure that you have git, node, and npm installed. You'll also need to have a mongodb instance running locally. Then just clone the repo and run app.js.

git clone

cd Millwright && npm install

node app.js